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New Jersey's Most Expensive Homes.... Have You Checked Out These?

If you have not seen the Star Ledger over the weekend or followed up online, they share the 13 highest-priced homes here in NJ that are on the market (in case you are looking outside of Morris Plains...) ha ha!

The Most Expensive House #1 in Alpine, NJ
HOUSE #1: $49 million
The highest-priced home on the market is in Alpine — the wealthiest Zip Code in the nation — in a division called, simply, the Estate. Owner Richard Kurtz is asking $49 million. That’s $49 followed by six zeroes.

Just a tad out of reach? Here’s the next 12 priciest homes for sale in New Jersey, as complied by Trulia.

HOUSE #2: $39 million

The Gloria Crest Estate in Englewood was built in 1926 for the heir to the Polish throne. He didn’t want it, however, so Joe Kennedy bought it and gave to Gloria Swanson. It was recently renovated and expanded. What it has that the Estate at Alpine lacks: An aviary.

Ok.. if none of these works for you, you can check out the rest of the list from the Star Ledger HERE

It's impressive, so go check it out!!

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