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Paint is Magic ~ Check out this Kitchen Transformation!

Don't be afraid of a home that is outdated AT ALL.  While it might scare you to think... 'wow this is a whole lot of work', think again.. PAINT is your friend and IS MAGIC!

So, would you buy this kitchen? or it looks like too much work to update it?

You probably will think really hard about it anyway.  If the bones are good and it is a functionally laid out kitchen, don't shy away of it looking dated.

Now, would you buy THIS kitchen?  or we should say, buy a house with this kitchen?
Well, it's the same kitchen (as you may have guessed).  All we did was remove wallpaper & PAINT it!  How bright, welcoming, clean and fresh does it look? 

Whether you live in a dated home, looking to sell or looking to buy a home, look at the whole picture and not what is outdated, because PAINT is MAGIC!

Just look at this side by side again of this kitchen:

We went local of course and had help from a local painter : Finishing Places and of course used Benjamin Moore Paints (the green is Sherwood Green).

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