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Morris Plains Had Record Rainfall This Year, Did Your Home Stay Dry?

With the rain, the hurricane and more wet weather to come, reach out to your local Morris Plains business that is in the business of getting your house back to being dry and staying mold free!  

Keep your home value high by taking care of water damage. Whether you are selling or staying, no one likes a wet, damp basement!  We have used and recommend reaching out to Air Treatment System.  Being local, they know the environment and home dwellings in Morris Plains to guide you with your best options on regaining what you thought was 'unusable space' and using your basement for living and storage.

Air Treatment System offers fast and effective solutions to improve your indoor environment and clean the air you breathe every day.

Why treat your environment?
The environment in which we live and work has a dramatic impact on our health and well being, yet the quality of our indoor air is often overlooked as a key factor in our health, and how we feel on a daily basis. The bacteria, allergens, viruses and mold in our environments all contribute to poor indoor air quality and correlate directly to our health. Air Treatment System works to eliminate the harmful elements in your home or office.

Who Is Behind Air Treatment System?
Meet founder and President, Andy Hapanowicz

Air Treatment System is a certified and licensed indoor air quality improvement contractor. They address air quality-related health issues by providing mold, odor, dust and moisture remediation and treatment for your home or business.

Air Treatment System
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Insured & Certified
NJHIC# 13VH06188800
Phone: 973-498-0665

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